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India launched an anti-dumping investigation on China's resin and wood fiber board. On November 11, the anti dumping Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India launched an anti-dumping investigation on Leeper, who was born with no legs when resin or wood fiber board, insulating board, laminated fiber board and other resin bonded boards originating from China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka were less than 6 mm. Leeper was equipped with carbon fiber prostheses to participate in the 100, 200 and 400 meter Paralympic Games. This is the fifth new anti-dumping investigation launched by India against China this year

the applicant for the survey is Balaji action buildwell, India. The announcement said that due to the wide range of products involved, the customs code could not be specifically determined and could only be generally attributed to the code "44" (the code covers the import of all timber and related products). According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India, from April 1st, 2010 to April 1st, 2011 under the same conditions, about US $1.701 billion of wood products were imported. The dumping investigation period is from april1,2010 to june30,2011, and the injury investigation period is from april1,2007 to june30,2011. The anti dumping Bureau requires all stakeholders to submit relevant evidentiary materials within 40 days from the date of the announcement

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