India announces 4gw world's largest solar power pl

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India announces the plan of 4gw "the world's largest" solar power plant Rajasthan recently announced a 4gw solar power project. If the project is completed, it will become the world's largest solar power plant

although many details of the plan are not clear, Indian officials say they hope that the 1GW leading phase of sambharault megagreen solar power project will be completed in 2016

as part of the heavy industry and state-owned enterprise sector initiative, the first 1GW phase is being undertaken by a joint venture of power equipment manufacturer Bharat Heavy Electric Co., Ltd. (BHEL), Rajasthan electronic instruments Co., Ltd. (reil) and SSL, Indian solar Corporation, Indian Electricity Corporation and government operated Hydropower Station developer sjvn

subsequent stages will depend on the results of the leading stage. If fully completed, the annual power generation of the 4gw project will reach 6billion kwh, providing energy for the country through national electricity

the proposed project site covers an area of 23000 acres in terms of preparation technology, and the land is owned by sambharsaltslimited, the salt resource manager operated by the government

there is no indication whether photovoltaic or concentrating photothermal technology will be used

Madhavannampoothiri, a consultant of resolve energy, concluded that the parliament bill on corporate social investment funds announced in August, which is currently approved by India for the manufacture of car windows, will provide investment for the project. This new legislation requires all companies with a capital of more than five billion rupees to provide 2% of the annual net profit for social or charitable organizations

nampoothiri said that the project is not part of the Indian National Solar mission jnnsm. The project conforms to the 2011 solar energy policy of Rajasthan, utilizes high solar radiation level and large solar energy projects, and promotes Rajasthan to become a national leader in solar power generation, but it is not part of it; The heavy industry and state enterprises sector chose Rajasthan due to its high radiation level and wasteland

nampoothiri added that with planning and skilled staff, the project should be completed on time. "As long as the financing is not restricted, the project will definitely be realized," he said

Jasmeetkhurana, head of market intelligence at bridgetoindia, said that the proposed large-scale projects in India last week would help reduce the cost of solar energy to rs. 5 per kilowatt hour, close to the higher price of coal of Rs. 4.5 per kilowatt hour. At present, the solar power generation of large-scale projects is about 6 rupees per kilowatt hour, which expands the cost of the paper packaging market. Zhonghua glass (www. mainly used for mass continuous production of products with the same cross section)

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