India becomes the largest exporter of titanium dio

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India has become the largest exporter of titanium dioxide in China

according to the statistics and analysis of the General Administration of customs, there were 79 domestic titanium dioxide export destinations in April 2015, of which the top five export destinations were India, the United States, South Korea, Brazil and Vietnam, accounting for 5382 tons, 4678 tons, 3937 tons, 3723 tons and 2292 tons respectively, accounting for 12.35%, 10.73%, 9.03%, 8.54% and 5.26% respectively

the number of traditional major export destinations Brazil and the United States decreased significantly in April. As for Brazil, it is more troubled by the exchange rate. Since China's titanium dioxide exports to Brazil mostly use the US dollar to exchange 3.175mm steel balls, the profits from exporting to Brazil have been significantly reduced with the continuous sharp fall of the real exchange rate against the US dollar in the past year; In the United States, industrial output fell 0.3% month on month in April, the fifth consecutive month of decline. The weak economic recovery in the United States and its abundant domestic titanium dioxide supply weakened the demand for titanium dioxide in China. In contrast, India and Vietnam have maintained high-speed growth. China is willing to promote good neighborly and mutual trust with Mongolia. Its geographical location and current economic development situation will make it maintain a high demand for Chinese titanium dioxide. Domestic enterprises can consider transmission: with screw transmission and rack transmission, they can consider developing more local customers and promoting foreign trade sales of titanium dioxide

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