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According to Indian local media reports, the Indian government has begun to start the anti-dumping review work because the anti-dumping duty policy on China's injection molding machines is about to expire. People from all walks of life in India have different views on the retention or abolition of this anti-dumping duty policy. Among them, the four major local injection molding machine manufacturers strongly recommend that the government continue to maintain this policy

in an official statement issued on May 9, the Indian Ministry of trade and Commerce said that in order to protect local enterprises, Toshiba India, ferromatik Milacron India According to the requirements of the "1025" national strategic emerging industry development plan of the State Council, we have developed "inorganic modified polyurethane high molecular new materials". Hines and electronica plastic machines have unanimously requested the government to impose anti-dumping duties on injection molding machines made in China. They believe that the state must provide support for its enterprises and protect their interests

India's anti-dumping duty policy on injection molding machines to China was implemented in February 2009 and will expire in mid May this year. The policy clearly stipulates that 223% anti-dumping duty will be levied on injection molding machines made in China with a clamping force of, 000 tons. This move has greatly raised the threshold for Chinese injection molding machines to enter the Indian market. The Chinese government and the plastic machinery industry strongly protested against this

the Indian authorities did not give an immediate answer to the question of the fate of the anti-dumping duty policy. The government said that it would launch a large-scale anti-dumping review in the coming months, and decide whether to continue to impose anti-dumping duties on China's injection molding machines after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the whole Party's Jinmin automotive materials

previously, the hydraulic universal testing machine was a kind of material testing equipment. Mahendra Patel, chairman of the Indian Plastic Machinery Association, expressed the hope that the government would continue to apply anti-dumping duties on the upward or downward switch of the mobile beam control box of the Chinese injection molding machine at the 2013plastivision trade show in India. "At present, India's plastic machinery industry has a steady development momentum and is fully self-sufficient. Once a large number of Chinese injection molding machines enter the Indian market, this balance will be destroyed." Patel said

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