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[] addition is a root cause of budget overspending in the process of home decoration. Home decoration overspending has a lot to do with the rationality of home decoration quotation. It is not that the price of materials has suddenly increased, nor that the construction personnel have cut corners, but that at the beginning, there is a problem with the quotation given to you by the home decoration designer. Take a look at the in-depth disclosure in this article, and calculate whether your home decoration has burned money. [related reading: fuzzy quotation estimation is too low. Is there a spectrum of home decoration budget?]

black curtain 1. If it can be omitted, it will be omitted to make a low total price

in order to approach the affordable price of customers, some designers have omitted all the items that can be omitted, and some small items that are easy to be ignored by consumers can be saved, not to mention the unexpected expenses of consumers. For example, the installation price of skirting lines made of different materials is different, even very different. (door) the project of looking for a square at the entrance. Now most people buy finished doors, but due to construction and other reasons, many new house door openings will have cracks in the door line, uneven up, down, left and right, etc., and the finished doors cannot be installed directly, so the door openings need to be treated before installation. For a house with three bedrooms and two living rooms, if you want to find the square of the door opening and the square of the pass, the cost will be more than 2000 yuan. According to the designer, most new houses need to find a square at the entrance first, but most consumers do not know this project, and the quotation is rarely involved. Then when installing the door, I certainly didn't expect such an extra charge

behind the scenes II. Quote according to the effect drawing

in the understanding of ordinary people, making wardrobe must include cabinet body and cabinet door, which belongs to the finished wardrobe that can be used directly after finishing. But in fact, what is produced on site is only the cabinet, and consumers need to spend extra money to buy the cabinet door. Unconvinced? Look back at the quotation. What is written in the home decoration budget is indeed the cabinet structure. At this time, what else can consumers say except complaining that they didn't see the quotation

the quotation of home decoration reflects the price of basic decoration, and the effect picture reflects the expected effect after the completion of home decoration. Consumers often think that the quotation corresponds to the content on the effect drawing. It may not be found until after construction that the key materials that produce the effect actually need to be purchased by themselves. Some designers will not explain this in advance. In order to achieve the effect, most consumers have to accept the reality and increase the budget

in the effect drawing, the designer made a very beautiful glass ceiling or wooden ceiling. Most people will think that the ceiling quotation is the price of the whole ceiling in the renderings. In fact, it's not. When the construction is in the middle stage, the workers will tell you that you need to buy glass or wood decorations by yourself. If you don't believe it, look at the quotation. The quotation of home decoration only includes the most basic price of wood keel and gypsum board, and there is really no price of glass or wood decorations. If you want to pursue the ceiling in the effect map, pay for it. Or, the designer gives you a rendering of curved ceiling, but in order to control the total price, some designers will write the price of flat ceiling on the quotation, which is difficult for consumers to see. Because the curved ceiling has a lot more losses than the flat ceiling, and the price also varies a lot. If you want to achieve the effect, add money

behind the scenes III. The prediction of hydropower transformation is low

the hydropower transformation on the quotation sheet of home decoration is basically the estimated cost, which claims to refund more and make up less, but it is lucky to be able to make up less during the real construction. In fact, the cost of water and electricity is the easiest to change. Most consumers don't understand the construction specifications, so it's easy to take it for granted. Designers rarely help consumers calculate the cost carefully in order to sign the bill. The designer said that the water and electricity transformation is easy to become a major part of the budget overrun of home decoration, and it is very possible to add tens of thousands of yuan




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