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Modern fast-paced urban life needs to be adjusted by square and circle. Now let's have a look with osley wallcovering


is the rule and framework

is the foundation of life

no square

the world has no rules

no constraints


is mellow and sophisticated

is the way of life

no circle

the world is too heavy

you will not be able to take care of yourself

there is a circle outside and in the circle.The combination of square and circle is the principle and method of dealing with people

China has loved the combination of square and circle since ancient times, In addition to people having a square and a circle, the design of money also has a square and a circle. There are also many square and round figures in garden design

square gates, square exterior walls, square doors and windows, circular arches, and flower windows with circular arcs are the combination of square and round, which makes the garden full of quiet and remote artistic conception

square and circle

modern fast-paced urban life

needs square and circle to adjust the


square, sometimes it is not necessarily square and upright. Chinese style charm needs to be set off by texture and color. The retro texture, brown and flowered windows are all our classic Chinese style patterns

Jiangnan rhyme - Guizhen

232 - 09

416 - 07


round, sometimes you don't have to be round. Based on the circle, with rockery and water flow, flowers, pines and cypresses, birds and butterflies, it not only has the charm of "circle", but also has a strong cultural heritage



416 - 06

between the surrounding areas

the deep and quiet artistic conception

comes naturally

calms the mind

is the elegance after the lead is faded

is the Qingming after the clouds are removed

feels the harmony between life and nature

(Figure source: Ou Shilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)(for example)




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