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Six brands in the same industry are listed in half a year. Will this be the foam era of the whole house customization industry? Like Silicon Valley in those days? Those who have really studied the whole house customization industry should know the answer, which is by no means the case. The birth and growth of this industry come from China's consumption upgrading. Over the years, the rapid development of China's real estate has made it more and more difficult to buy real estate. In addition, there are more and more personalized needs of consumers. Traditional household products have begun to be unable to perfectly meet consumer demand. The whole house customized household industry came into being under this opportunity. Analyze the three product forms of the whole house customization, the whole house customized furniture Deville

from any perspective, China's economy is in an absolute upward period, so the whole house customization industry will continue to be hot. As for the foam theory, if the technology foam in Silicon Valley is compared to a soap bubble, then the foam in the whole house customization industry is more like a beer bubble. Is there a beer bubble or a beer bubble

positioning differences: solid wood positioning high-end board wood combined with positioning middle end

whether you like it or not, most of the product differentiation in the whole house customization industry is mainly through materials, which is likely to continue for many years, while the materials of the whole house customization industry mainly focus on wood-based panel, solid wood and board wood (some solid wood, some wood-based panel), and the product structure corresponding to the three methods Brand positioning is quite different

take the wardrobe

products in the customization of the whole house as an example. The panel is positioned in the public demand, and the material of the cabinet body and door products is mainly man-made board. The cabinet body is commonly used in particleboard (also known as solid wood particle board, Hexiang board, etc.), and the cabinet door is commonly used in the coating or film pressing surface of density board. Because density board has milling characteristics, it can be made into a variety of products of different styles, accounting for a large proportion of market demand *

solid wood is positioned at the high end. The cabinet door is usually made of solid wood direct splicing board or finger joint board as the base material, while the cabinet body has a variety of options such as direct splicing, finger joint and multi-layer, and the price is generally high. Besides the storage cabinet products, most of the wooden household products such as parapets, stairs, wooden doors, windows, and ceilings can be customized, and they can also present a variety of finishing effects through paint and structural processes. It is suitable for large house types or users with high quality requirements, and may occupy less than 10% of the market share at the top of consumer demand

combination of board and wood, usually the cabinet door panel and supporting components are made of solid wood substrate (or direct splicing, or finger joint, etc.), while the cabinet part is made of artificial board. This kind of product has little difference with solid wood customization in appearance and vision, and can also achieve a variety of style performance. Out of the natural wood friendly characteristics of human beings, the market demand for board and wood products targeted at middle-end people may reach 20%-30%

process difference: the panel type process is relatively simple, and the solid wood type process is complex.

the whole house customized product process of the panel type is relatively simple, and large-scale non-standard customization is easier to achieve. For example, in some small workshop factories, the production of panel products (cabinets) can be completed only through the three main processes of cutting and cutting, punching and edge sealing. Now large-scale customized factories only use these processes through advanced production lines, The introduction of information system management and less manual intervention can be solved in a faster, better and more optimized way

the most brands follow the board customization route, which is simple and less wrong

the whole house customization of solid wood products requires paint finishes, coupled with the strong plasticity and natural characteristics of its own wood, making the process of whole house customization of solid wood more difficult. Many processes cannot be solved by simple production equipment, and even some process information systems are not easy to coordinate. A considerable number of important processes need manual intervention

the characteristics of wood also enable solid wood customization to achieve more categories such as ceilings, walls, doors, windows, etc. the larger the quantity of products in a single order, the more sizes and specifications will be. Thousands of parts in a large order for full solid wood customization occur from time to time. The increase in quantity, the involvement of labor and other uncertain factors make the probability of wrong parts and missing parts in solid wood customization increase again

in solving the problems of wrong parts and missing parts, most factories adopt the pre assembly mechanism, that is, the products are assembled in the factory in the white embryo state. In order to ensure that the product does not have obvious color difference or other unknown problems, then pre install it again after painting process

regardless of the unique differences of solid wood customization, such as process, material differences, paint performance, pre assembly cost, etc., give the store a larger premium reason. Solid wood customization has become a high profit product system in the customization industry, but it has been abandoned by large enterprises because it cannot achieve non-standard personalized large-scale production and high labor requirements

although many enterprises choose solid wood customized products as their main products, most of them are small in scale

board wood combination is an evolutionary product in the process of industry development. In the full solid wood customized category, the cabinet body that needs to use paint in a large area is customized with wood-based panels, and the exterior visible surface components such as cabinet doors are customized with solid wood substrates, and the production is completed by using the solid wood customized process

as mentioned earlier, due to the high process requirements and high difficulties of the solid wood part, many brands with board wood products adopt outsourcing in the solid wood part. Their own factories produce cabinet bodies, and outsourcing factories produce solid wood components such as cabinet doors

outsourcing production has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the advantage is to leave the "trouble" to a third party, light pack and do the products you are best at. The disadvantages are more obvious. For example, product development is limited by a third party, production efficiency is limited, and even the delivery performance standard is also a third party standard. Therefore, some big brands either do not do it or build their own solid wood production lines

board wood combination has a large market space, but there are great differences in product quality

categories address different user needs. Solid wood customization may lead to unicorns

based on the public understanding of the automotive industry, several product trends in the customization industry can also be classified in this way. The pan luxury brands such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Bentley in the automotive industry mainly focus on full solid wood customization, while the categories mainly focus on the combination of wood and board are medium and high-end luxury cars similar to Mercedes Benz, BMW and Land Rover, While the pure plate type brands can be regarded as Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda brands

similarly, we believe that panel customization, solid wood customization and the combination of panel and wood will have different achievements in the future. According to the current market performance, panel customization will continue to follow the road of large-scale non-standard customization in the direction of higher production energy efficiency and more intelligent solution to customization needs. It is not impossible to have tens of billions or even tens of billions of brands in the future

there are two directions for all solid wood customization. One is to meet the needs of more complex and personalized mansion customization, serve higher-end people, and take the road of extreme customization. The other is to rely on panel customization, strive to achieve mass production, reduce manual intervention, and reduce the probability of wrong parts, missing parts, color difference and other problems

the combination of board and wood is the middle zone. In the solid wood part, we strive to solve large-scale non-standard customization, while in the panel part, we learn from the pure panel customization and do it more carefully and better. It is not easy to develop the combination of board and wood customization, because the crux will be stuck in the solid wood customization. Without solving the solid wood customization ability, everything is empty talk. This is also the reason why many excellent brands complete the solid wood customization line through acquisition and self construction

panel, solid wood, and the combination of panel and wood are neither good nor bad. The user needs of each category are different. Under the current situation that several listed brands have appeared in panel customization, we have reason to believe that unicorns may also appear in the brands that focus on solid wood customization in the future

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