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In the era of rational spending, rational promotion, as a new concept of promotion that came into being with the times, has been understood and accepted by more and more operators. In the door and window industry, rational promotion has also become a beautiful scenery in the current international promotion. The so-called rational promotion refers to the company's promotional activities, which will be " Emotion "e; This main line runs through the whole process of its promotion activities. There are two main implications: first, to develop human goods (or services); Second, we should choose the promotion methods full of human feelings. For door and window brand companies, rational promotion can help the company grasp the feelings of consumers and make them resonate, which can be regarded as a sharp weapon to win the market

rational companies can maximize the emotional needs of consumers

some people say that rational people are the best people and the most able to endure hardship. Only those who are pregnant with the future can not give up the present and have sufficient confidence to face the present. The same is true for companies. Nowadays, the spending concept of consumers has changed from feeling spending to rational spending. Shopping malls are no longer based on companies, and buyer malls dominate. Only by being a rational company can we put ourselves in a position to deepen the exploration of the emotional needs of consumers, and then get a unique trick to expand the market share

among picky consumers in the current era, door and window brand companies should seize the opportunity. Rationality is very important. Whether it is the emotional infection of promotion activities, or the humanization of goods and services, it will establish a friendly and gentle image for the company in the mall, and then project it into the soft heart of consumers. It's true that the competition in the market is very harsh, but the positive mood is the origin of the satisfaction determination of the door and window brand company. Only the internal strength of its products can infect consumers and constitute consumers' loyalty to the brand

how can door and window brand companies be recognized and supported rationally

in the view of Guanhao doors and windows, the rational content of the company can be summarized in two points. First of all, commodity design should be rational. Commodity design reflects the nature of the company. It is the most effective and far-reaching way to send a strong signal, transmit the company's civilization, and affect the public's understanding of the company. In highly homogeneous shopping malls, differentiated commodity design and humanized feature design are the factors that attract customers' attention

secondly, brand civilization should be in the mood. The information carried by the door and window brand should adapt to the potential emotional needs of the consumer, so as to have an auditory and visual impact on the consumer, and then cause the rational needs of the consumer. In other words, the brand companies of doors and windows can often achieve the promotion effect of "taking advantage of the good wind to send me to Qingyun" by integrating rational colors into their brands

in short, as everyone's spending concept becomes more and more rational, it becomes more and more difficult for door and window brand companies to control consumers' shopping mood. The traditional promotion speed is too slow, the network promotion is too fast, and the emotional needs of consumers cannot be grasped firmly. The business strategy of door and window brand companies has to be changed, and the rational promotion potential that came into being is highlighted. Take the consumer as the starting point and base of all shopping malls, start all from the consumer, and produce and improve all goods and services for the satisfaction of the consumer. Only in this way can the door and window brand company be loved by the consumer





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