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2018 has passed, and the new year begins with a new Samsung smart lock

2018 has passed

looking back on the beginning of the year, you were still making a wish

2018 please treat me better

however, the reality is that it is 9102

or it is not very good for us

do we have to give up


it's still necessary to pray for good luck

as for whether it comes or not

whatever ~ (of course, it's best to come)

at the beginning of the year, the person who made a wish to get rid of the bill

still didn't find that person to accompany in the new year

once met the object of his heart

because he didn't have the courage to chat up

fate slipped away like this

at the beginning of the year, the person who made a wish to have money and leisure

became the the invisible poor

uncontrolled desire to consume

deposits slipped away like this

the scope of activity is still company - home

lazy cancer Mobile phone control allows time to slip away

at the beginning of the year, the

who made a wish to lose weight vest line still can't escape pearl milk tea instant noodles hot pot rice big dish chicken

health is also gradually slipping away

family's urging for marriage is like urging

every time they go home, from being expected to be abandoned

family relations are "at stake"

Plastic friendship makes people feel weak

old friends are getting farther and farther away

the cost of new friends getting familiar with each other increases

let us improve our loneliness

happiness slip away

all the difficulties in life

cross and cross

how to keep those good luck that slip away quietly

let's take a look at the "please answer 2019"

the new year has a good start

start with a new Samsung smart lock

come and unlock your exclusive digital password Koi bar

come on


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