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In home decoration, furniture hard decoration is not only the main part of decoration, but also the expression of the owner's life attitude, which not only reflects the owner's personality and taste. It also affects daily life. Everyone wants to live comfortably and happily. The tidy and clean space not only makes people happy, but also saves time and worry in finding items. Don't worry about these trivial things, and you can devote yourself to your career. However, you who deal with furniture every day, such a wardrobe design as dewell wardrobe mall, is also rare

▲ Prague series combined wardrobe

wardrobe and nightstand combination this wardrobe combination is suitable for the decoration of small bedroom. Because there is not too much space to make a whole wall wardrobe, we can only make full use of the space on the wall at the head of the bed and combine the nightstand and the wardrobe together. This can not only achieve the effective use of space, but also make the cabinet look more beautiful and generous

▲ Avir series combined wardrobe

▲ Leba home series combined wardrobe

▲ colorful four seasons series combined wardrobe

cloakroom bedroom space is slightly surplus, so creating a separate cloakroom is a good choice. It can not only provide a very good storage function, make the space appear clean as a whole, but also facilitate the access of clothes. Relatively speaking, the privacy of the independent cloakroom is also relatively strong

▲ Oriental Yayun series cloakroom

▲ Le bar home series cloakroom

▲ Aegean Sea series cloakroom

semi open closets. The wardrobe of the conventional master bedroom is generally designed into a whole wall type, which has a relatively high degree of fit with the wall. Semi open closets not only have the unique advantages of convenient use, good sealing and large range, but also have semi open display function. The semi open design makes the wardrobe look less cumbersome and more aesthetic

▲ Prague series wardrobe

the wardrobe has a variety of shapes, which can be combined with the bedside cabinet and the cloakroom, between open and semi open. Not only make the space achieve * display effect, the storage of the whole room is also a strength to play. The perfect embodiment of beauty + function, such a wardrobe design, is the most practical. Deville wardrobe mall www.dwejia COM, more effect pictures of different wardrobe designs can be opened in wingman mode 400-8822-118 You can't miss more wonderful





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